Camera-based sensors for smart robots

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Desktop robot arm

Low-cost robot arm with camera-based joint position sensors for small-scale automation applications with integrated vision

Intelligent gripper

Gripping system for sensitive handling and flexible grasping with integrated cameras and camera-based tactile sensors on the fingers

Desktop robot arm

This low-cost desktop robot arm kit contains all you need to quickly get started with your small-scale automation application with integrated vision. Connect the camera and robot arm to your PC, and start programming it right away! Use our simple Python-based scripting for tasks like camera-based object picking, or leverage the power of ROS thanks to full ROS/MoveIt integration. The included RoVi software features camera-based joint position sensing, motion control and texture-based object recognition.


  • Plug-and-play system with easy-to-use Python scripting
  • Based on off-the-shelf robotics components
  • MoveIt/ROS Industrial integration
  • Sensorless arm with camera-based joint position sensors
  • Single API for arm control, sensors & camera

Kit contents

  • Robotic arm with 5 axes, 0.5kg payload, 600mm-800mm reach (configurable)
  • USB3 low-cost camera
  • Bootable USB stick with RoVi software
  • Pre-installed Mini PC (optional)

Intelligent gripper

This intelligent gripping solution integrates two grayscale/color cameras, an industrial 2-jaw gripping module, as well as universal fingers in a compact package with a standard mount. The fingers are equipped with a layer of simple rubber foam to support camera-based tactile sensing. Our software for tactile sensing provides rich feedback about the grasping process, including tactile/pressure profile, grasping force, gripper opening, object position/count, object shape, object deformation and grasping statistics. Our multi-goal grasp controller enables intelligent and flexible grasping of varying objects.


  • Compact package with ISO 9409-1 mount
  • Integrated cameras and tactile sensing
  • Control software for flexible grasping with ROS integration
  • Interfacing via USB3.0/CANopen
  • Visual part recognition


  • Industrial 2-jaw parallel gripper
  • Stereo camera system
  • Camera-based tactile sensor on fingers
  • RoVi software for sensing and control

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Please contact us to know more about our products/solutions. Do you have an application for flexible low-cost robotics? We are happy to provide you with a free evaluation of your use case!

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