Camera-based sensors for smart robots


Our vision is to make intelligent robots available to everyone – to help us in manufacturing, in the office and at home. Sensors are a key technology to bring robots “out of the cage”, but current sensor systems are complex and expensive.

RoVi offers the world's first completely camera-based sensor system for robot arms and grippers. Our patented solution relies on an image processing software and features rich sensory feedback.

On the robot itself, low-cost passive elements substitute electronic sensors for joint positions, force/torque and tactile data. Positions are determined using visual markers, while force sensing relies on deformable elements, such as rubber foam. A camera obserses these elements remotely. The physical measurements are calculated from the image by our software.

RoVi’s sensor software greatly simplifies the mechanics, hardware design and wiring of robot arms – and thus enables their use in low-cost automation, service robotics and consumer applications. The robot is continuously auto-calibrated, enabling the use of low-cost structural parts even for precise manipulation tasks.

Click on the drops in the picture to see how our sensors work on a robot arm

Products & Solutions

Camera-based tactile sensor

The sense of touch for robot grippers! Our solution relies on a passive sensitive element and provides tactile data from image processing.

Desktop robot arm

Low-cost robot arm with camera-based joint position sensors for small-scale automation applications with integrated vision

Intelligent gripping system

Gripping system for sensitive handling and flexible grasping with integrated cameras and camera-based tactile sensors on the fingers


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